Meet Our Ministers

Ken Beldon, Founding Minister

Hi, I'm Ken and I'm the Founding Minister of WellSprings. I was hired to start WellSprings from scratch in the summer of 2005. It's been a joyful experience to help build WellSprings from a small group of about 10 people to the still growing, vibrant spiritual community of hundreds that it is today. The focus of my ministry includes Sunday morning preaching, pastoral counseling, leading mindfulness-based small groups and retreats, working with our Addictions and Recovery Ministry, and helping to encourage and promote the overall spiritual depth and health of WellSprings. I am a person in long-term recovery, which for me means that it's been over a decade since I've had a drink.

My wife Teresa and I live in Conshohocken. Prior to moving to the Philly region, we lived in Miami Beach. We met online when we both lived in South Florida. We have two pet rabbits named Lola and Sheldon who always soothe and amuse me with their bunny dances and curious natures. Outside of congregational life, I practice meditation and yoga, love to cook, root for(apologies in advance) the New York Yankees and New York Giants, and enjoy hiking, particularly the trails off the Wissahickon Creek in Fairmount Park.

Serving WellSprings has meant reconnecting with people and places that I called home some years ago. I went to high school at The Hill School just up Route 100 in Pottstown and grew up splitting my time between Allentown and New York City. Religiously I was raised a Reform Jew. Once past my Bar Mitzvah, I gave up on organized religion until my mid-twenties, when I discovered Unitarian Universalism.

Lee Paczulla, Executive Minister

Hey there! I'm Lee, and I serve as WellSprings’ Executive Minister. This means that in addition to preaching and caring for our community, I manage the staff and day-to-day operations of our congregation. I first came to WellSprings in 2013 as an Intern, then became Assistant Minister in 2015. As WellSprings continued to grow and thrive, Ken and I realized our ministry needed to shift to accommodate all this blessed vitality in our midst – so we now serve as co-ministers with different primary areas of responsibility to the congregation. It’s an incredible gift to be able to nurture the health of this community that has so deeply formed my ministry.

I live in South Philadelphia, but spent two years in Boston and five in DC before that, so I have a network of close friends up and down the Northeast (Amtrak knows me well). I love walking everywhere, gazing at the skyline, and digging up dirt on my green-roof too much to move to the ‘burbs – so the Schuylkill knows me well, too. I craft and make music when I can, and am constantly trying to decide whether I should break my lease and get a dog. I’ll happily dig into discussions of reality TV and podcasts at any time, with anyone who’s game.

My parents raised me non-religious, so I didn’t really come into my own sense of faith and spirituality until I discovered All Souls Unitarian Church in Washington, DC in my early 20s. Philly will always be my home – I grew up in King of Prussia, attended public schools in the area, and most of my family is local.


Ministries and Teams

Generosity & Gratitude

Kevin Donahue, Rodney Whittenberg

Our Generosity & Gratitude Ministry encourages in us the open-hearted sharing of our gifts, helping us all find ways to support the health and growth of our membership, and the community outside our doors.

Belonging Team

Sue Scales, Cindy McKee, Team Co-Leaders

The Belonging Team invites new and existing WellSpringers to experience a sense of belonging through intentional outreach, as well as creating and fostering opportunities for ongoing connection with each other.

HeartWorks Team

Megan Wagenmann, Jim Sterchele, Team Co-Leaders

Our team commits to heartfelt acts of conscious service grounded in compassion and respect. Through life’s endless cycle of giving and receiving, we connect with each other and with the Sacred.

Hospitality Team

Angie Sheets, Team Leader

Our team embraces the belief that each of us yearns for connection, and so we welcome people on Sunday mornings with generosity of spirit, sharing our deeper selves with joy. We aspire to create an atmosphere where all can be nurtured in their spiritual life by the WellSprings community.

Outreach Team

This newly forming team will tend to our congregation’s relationship with the larger community through care and cultivation of our partnerships, outside projects, and special public events.


Carl Bader, Bob Miller

Our Management Ministry guides the creation and implementation of WellSprings’ strategic goals, and serves as a resource in matters of organizational process, growth and development of our staff team, and alignment of internal structures of the organization with the congregation’s strategy.

Setup and Support Team

Chris Chepel, Team Leader

Our team “sets the welcome table” for our sacred space by generously and joyfully providing a comfortable, functional, and welcoming physical environment for each Sunday morning service.

Tech Team

Carl Bader, John Jacobs Team Co-Leaders

Our team powers the sounds and sights for each Sunday morning service, making sure our band, worship leaders, and ministers are heard and seen in our worship space, and on our weekly podcast.

Our Ministries & Teams

Our mission at WellSprings is to be a community charged-full with the charge of the soul. That charge is what sustains and energizes all our efforts to make our mission real, within our spiritual community and beyond. Our six core Ministries are color-coded below to show their relationships with Teams doing similar work. The leaders and members of these Ministries & Teams gather together regularly for connection, discernment, support, inspiration, and growth.

If you have questions about how things work at WellSprings (e.g. how to post in our Weekly newsletter, plan a program, or purchase supplies for your Team, etc.) you can click here to view some frequently asked questions and answers.

WellSprings Org Chart

Board of Trustees

Mary Alsayegh (President)
Kathleen Higgins (Vice President)
Sharon Bader (Vice President)
Josie Waldman (Treasurer)
Ted Howe (Secretary)

Our Board of Trustees is elected by the congregation to provide strategic, forward-looking guidance in accordance with our mission, and to safeguard our community’s gifts and resources. The Board meets monthly with the Executive Minister to evaluate our congregation’s financial and management conditions, and to set strategic direction in collaboration with all our Ministries and Teams.

Staff Team

Rev. Ken Beldon, Rev. Lee Paczulla,

Carol Breslin, Carol Klekotka

Our Staff Team meets regularly to share information, offer and ask for support, and coordinate our efforts in faithfulness to our congregation’s mission. Our Founding Minister and Executive Minister serve as co-ministers with equal authority and accountability to the Board, and our Executive Minister holds the role of head of staff.

Spiritual Development

Chris Chepel, Sally Reeves, Ellen Youngdahl

Our Spiritual Development Ministry attends to the breath of the congregation. We encourage all parts of WellSprings to embody our spiritual aspirations, so that any part reflects the whole in interconnected relationship. In order to do this, we engage in practices of loving inquiry and deep listening to Ministries and Teams, individuals, and the congregation as a whole.

Addictions & Recovery Ministry Team

Eric Bell, Team Leader

The Addictions & Recovery Team provides compassionate, nonjudgmental presence for individuals and families within WellSprings struggling with alcoholism and other addictions, and helps connect people with resources for recovery and healing. Read more about our ministry here.

Family Ministry Team

Melissa Davignon, Andrea Tollison, Team Co-Leaders

Our team serves individuals, parents, spouses, and children who are seeking authentic connection and a vibrant spiritual experience in their family lives. We know we don’t need to be experts to provide support, understanding, and empathy, and believe no one should feel alone in their experience of being part of a family.

Small Groups Team

This newly forming team will combine the efforts of our Retreat Team, our Springboard and Soul Bites Coordinators, and other leaders in small group ministry to build new connections, create opportunities to discover and celebrate our gifts, cultivate spiritual practices, and foster our ongoing growth.

Worship Leaders Team

Our Worship Leaders meet periodically to discuss the liturgy for our Sunday services, plan for future seasons, and support and encourage each other in spiritual growth.

Leadership Development

Gael Alba, Doug Arvanites, Page Buck, Terry Rothermel

Our Leadership Development Ministry invites and supports members of our Leadership Community into deepening, continuous practices that help us incarnate our gifts in the world. The Leadership Covenant that guides our work is available here, and you can read more about how our Ministry works here.


Sam Dulay, Gene Kiley, Mike Smith

Our YouthSpirit Ministry seeks to nurture childhood and family spiritual awareness, growth, and maturity. A child or teen’s regular participation in YouthSpirit develops early practices of faith that encourage the growing mind and heart to live with integrity throughout their lives.

Mentors Team

Carol Breslin

YouthSpirit Mentors lead interactive groups and spiritual workshops that connect to life beyond Sunday morning, and become a part of family life – in conversations, intentional time together, and practices that sustain meaningful daily living.

Sunday Services


Spring/Summer Hours:
One Service Only at 10:00 AM
Starting Sunday, September 10
Two Services, 9:30 and 11:00 AM


The Montgomery School (Bell Hall)
1141 Kimberton Road (Route 113)
Chester Springs, PA 19425
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Casual and contemporary. Come as you are.



Sunday Classes/Springboards

YouthSpirit is just for kids! It’s the place where young people at WellSprings gather every Sunday for fun, fellowship and friendship. In both regular classes and special spiritual workshops, kids experience and talk about the things that make living more meaningful, like friendship, gratitude, kindness, forgiveness, and caring for self, each other and all living things.


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