WellSprings Core Values

What We Value

Discovering Spiritual Gifts:  We empower people to find their true sense of calling, not just to do what they are good at, but to live out what they do best and the world needs most. With humility and generosity of spirit we challenge each other in our explorations, and together discover new understandings of our spiritual source and ourselves.

Supporting Everyday Spiritual Practice:  We encourage one another to have daily spiritual practices, so that we are always connected to our spiritual source and the identity of our community. The most powerful spirituality is expressed abundantly in everyday life--in the home, in the workplace, in the malls and on the streets.

Fostering Family Spiritual Growth:  We equip families to grow together spiritually in all the days they share. Lifespan religious education nurtures spiritual formation and faith development for all people in WellSprings. Sundays are not about "getting religion" for one day a week, but about motivating, sustaining and celebrating the religion we have and that we yearn to make stronger.

Sharing Our Faith:   Our deeds are generated by our beliefs. Personal transformation bears fruit in the natural sharing of who we are with the communities in which we live. We are open about articulating the spiritual motivations and sources for our acts of justice, kindness and service.

Embracing a Large Vision in Intimate Ways:  Teams and small groups are more than just structures for us; they are our lived commitment to accomplish our mission so that everyone can find a place to be welcomed in our midst. Through the smallest of seeds great things can come into being.

Speaking a Living Language of Faith:  We embrace words like God, Spirit and Faith to guide us as we define our ever-evolving faith. Our spiritual voice offers a choice beyond either secularism or fundamentalism.

Living With Integrity:  We are a community of deep listening, possessing the humility and the vulnerability necessary so we are able to make positive change. We honestly evaluate where we are in the hope of courageously going where we are called to be.

WellSprings Core Beliefs

What We Believe

WellSprings Affirms:

A Source Beyond Single Definition:  We believe we can experience God without being able to define God. The Divine is unlimited by any single text, gender or dogma. We come to know the Divine by living fully, loving generously and being who we are called to be.

Streams of Faith:  We believe that spiritual wisdom is a naturally abundant resource, as alive and accessible in our age and time as in any other. There are many streams which flow to the same ocean and many paths paved with grace and wisdom upon which to explore our faith.

Gardens of Abundance and Joy:  We believe that just as the caterpillar contains the seed of the butterfly yet to be, we have the potential for new life within each of us. We believe that this potential should be celebrated, cultivated, nurtured and shared.  Like a gardener who strives to create the right conditions for the garden to flourish, we strive to create the right conditions for spiritual growth.

Thirst for Fulfillment:  We believe that a growing, honest spiritual life fills our "God-shaped holes" and deepest yearnings. Efforts to fill these holes with materialism, unhealthy relationships and substance abuse lead to despair and loneliness.

Ripples of Connection:  We believe that each of us yearns for connection with each other and with the Sacred. We are mindful of the choices we make and know that our freedom reaches its fulfillment in connection with others. Like a pebble dropped into a pool of water, we do not know how far the ripples of our actions may reach.

The Burning Bush is Blazing Everywhere:  We believe that the Spirit "talks" to us in our everyday experiences and relationships. Through daily spiritual awareness, we aspire to better understand where these conversations are leading us in our lives.

Sunday Services


Two Services:  9:30 AM and 11:00 AM


The Montgomery School (Bell Hall)
1141 Kimberton Road (Route 113)
Chester Springs, PA 19425
*Accessible entrance in back of Bell Hall. Follow the driveway loop to parking at top of hill, and enter the left-side doors.
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Casual and contemporary. Come as you are.



Sunday Mornings

YouthSpirit is just for kids! We strive to create spaces where our kids experience and talk about the things that make living more meaningful, like friendship, gratitude, kindness, forgiveness, and caring for self, each other and all living things. Children begin each Sunday morning in our lively, music-filled service with their families, and are dismissed to YouthSpirit about 25 minutes after the service begins.


Our Nursery is staffed all morning with two experienced caregivers who can attend to the needs of our littlest ones (5 and under). We do welcome all ages to stay in our service throughout the entire morning, so please choose what’s best for your family!


Contact Us

Mailing Address

WellSprings Congregation 
47 Marchwood Road, Suite 2A-2
Exton, PA 19341




Office: office@wellspringsuu.org
Founding Minister, Rev. Ken Beldon:
Executive Minister, Rev. Lee Paczulla: